About Us

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Modern and classic contemporary handcrafted furniture made with natural premium materials. Our collection is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism blended with expert craftsmanship, creating timeless and functional designs built to last.

We offer a unique collection of quality handcrafted home furniture made by reputable factories in Scandinavia and Canada. Our products and services cater to the growing number of people who want to invest in stylish, functional and well built furniture backed up by reliable customer service and a family-owned brand.

Classic contemporary and modern wood furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and office. Hand-crafted, quality built wood furniture from mostly family-owned reputable factories in Scandinavia and Canada. Brands include Stressless, Fjords, Luonto, Mobican, Skovby, Sun, Unique, Palliser, EQ3. We specialize in teak wood, multi-functional furniture in space-saving and ergonomic designs.