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Take the STRESSLESS® Comfort Test

La Galerie Danoise invites you to take the Confort Test™ - You’ll instantly feel the difference. The comfort test™ was developed to make sure that you feel and experience every aspect of Stressless® comfort as well as their patented features. Taking the test also shows you everything that really matters when you’re choosing the recliner you’re going to enjoy for many years to come. You can take the Comfort test™ in just 5 minutes, but most people relax and enjoy it for much longer.

Personalized comfort. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and when it comes to personal comfort we want to give you the freedom to choose. That’s why most Stressless® designs are available in three sizes, some in two – so you can choose the one design that complements your frame.

The art of making the right choice. A Stressless® recliner should feel custom-made to your body type. They come in different sizes, with slightly different designs and can match any décor. And, when the choice is made, it is with one target in mind; lifelong comfort.

The timeless design allows Stressless® recliners to fit perfectly into most interiors, and our wide range of leather, fabrics and wood in different colors makes it easy to match your furnishing and interior style.

Even if Stressless® comes in many different designs, they all have one thing in common; the unique comfort you instantly will recognize when seated. It’s the way it glides back smoothly – adding perfect support in all positions. It’s how it gently swings – with effortless ease and stability. And it’s how the adjustable ottoman completes the total feeling of relaxation – all the way down to your feet. Every single detail is designed with your well-being in focus. Try it at La Galerie Danoise and find your personal favourite.

Discover the Secrets of Personal Comfort

  • The perforated foam is molded directly over the frame. The indentations in the new Comfort-Zones™ technology let your body sink deeper into the seat, giving you an overall embraced feeling for even more enhanced personal comfort.
  • An additional pad of soft space-age foam ensures optimum comfort.
  • Super-soft polyester fiber cushions your body and ensures an attractive look.
  • Durable steel frame and flexo springs for superior resilience and continuous support.
  • Plus™ system provides continuous support for your head and lower back. Double-sided mechanism ensures maximum stability and functionality.
  • Genuine top-grain leather or fabric covers the entire seat, for a luxurious look and feel.
  • Unique Stressless® Glide system automatically adjusts to your body weight.
  • Two-stem base adds superior stability.
  • For maximum mobility, swivel actions lets you easily turn 360o.

The headrest adjusts automatically, so you can read and watch TV, even in a reclining position.

The Plus™ system adjusts the lower back support simultaneously with the headrest. Upright or reclined, you’re always perfectly supported .

Lower the headrest to the sleep position with one simple movement.


Comfort Zones™ give you a better seating comfort, as the indentations let you sink deeper into the seat and back of the recliner.

Adjust the Stressless® Glide wheels to the setting of your desire. You can automatically shift to any seating position simply by using your body weight .

Easy-to-move ottoman features built-in Glide system that adjusts to your body movement for ultimate comfort .

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